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Ready to get started on your journey to better health care?

We are accepting patients at both the Holton and Fairview locations.


Sign up takes an average of 20 minutes, and there is a $50 enrollment fee. Online enrollment requires a credit or debit card, which will NOT be charged until we have approved your enrollment in-person or over the phone.

Before you sign up: Quality physician-patient relationships are important. Open, transparent communication is their cornerstone. Our practice may not be for everyone. For instance, we do not prescribe narcotics/opioids for control of chronic pain. If you have any medical issue that gives you cause to be concerned that you might not be a good match with our staff, it is a good idea to contact us by e-mail or phone before taking the time to sign up. 

When patients sign up, we schedule a lengthy initial appointment to get to know them.  Due to the covid-19 pandemic and the fact that we offer same or next day availability to our established members, and an overwhelming number of new patients currently signing up, new patients should not expect to be scheduled for their first appointment for 2-4 weeks. Therefore, we can not currently offer enrollment to new patients who are acutely ill.

For instance if you are not a member and have Covid or any other acute illness and need care urgently, you should not sign up at this time, as we will likely not be able to get you in to establish care for 2-4 weeks, because we are actively caring for current members to whom we do offer same or next-day availability.

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