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Be prepared.

Dr. Lassey has been interested in preparedness and wilderness medicine for years, and over the last several years has refined his Tactical First-Aid Kit ("Tac-FAK").  This pack is designed to prepare you for the majority of first aid needs when you're on the trail, on a campout, riding the creek, or even at home--but without huge size or weight. His kit includes tools not found in traditional kits, that prepare you for minor surgical emergencies and more.

Of course there is no "perfect" first aid kit; there's always a difficult balance between weight/size and preparedness. The bigger the pack, the more you're prepared for, but the less portable it becomes. Dr. Lassey's Tac-FAK strikes the perfect balance, weighing in just under 2 pounds, and is easily fits in or lashes on almost anywhere. His pack offers the most preparedness he could squeeze into 2-pounds. For years Dr. Lassey made packs for his patients, and now Tac-FAK's are available to everyone. The Tac-FAK is right at home in any Bug-out/Get-home bag, hiking pack, ATV box,  car trunk, truck box, glove box, camper, hunting lodge, cabin, safe room or camper.

The 2023 iteration of the Tac-FAK includes (see image):

  • Minor Surgery Kit: (Needle driver, Forceps, Curved hemostat, Iris scissors, Suture scissors)

  • 3-0 Nylon Suture

  • 4-0 Nylon Suture

  • 4-0 Chromic Suture

  • #10 blade retractable scalpel 

  • 25 mL syringe

  • 18 gauge draw needles (2)

  • 1.5 inch 25 gauge hypodermic needles (2)

  • 15 mL 1% Lidocaine Voucher

    • Lidocaine not currently included in kits due to national shortage (Click here for stock status)

    • for HDC patients only, this is prescribed / dispensed

  • 1 roll first aid tape 

  • 5 yards 3 inch roll gauze, sterile

  • 4 yards 2 inch roll gauze, sterile 

  • Nitrile gloves (4)

  • Small bandaids (10)

  • Large bandaids (2)

  • Triple antibiotic ointment (6)

  • Alcohol pads (8)

  • Iodine pads (4)

  • Elastic tourniquet 

  • Finger splint 

  • Skin stapler 

  • Skin staple remover

  • Cyanoacrylate Glue

  • Sterile cotton tipped applicators (2)

  • 2x3 inch non-adherent gauze (12)

  • 4x4 gauze sponge, 4-ply (4) 

  • 2x2 gauze sponge, 8-ply (4)

  • 4 inch ace wrap 

  • 3 inch ace wrap 

  • Surgical mask (2)

  • N95 Respirator (2) 

  • OTC Meds: Tylenol 500mg (10), Benadryl 25mg (30), Ibuprofen 200mg (10)

  • Patient-specific, Rx Meds

    • (only included for HDC Patients)

  • Tactical Molle-equipped Medical Pouch/Outdoor Survival Utility Bag

  • Wound Seal Instant Scab Powder

  • One-Hand Trauma Field Tourniquet

  • Bandage Scissors/Trauma Shears

  • Tourniquet and Lidocaine Instruction Sheets

  • Emergency First Aid Folding Pocket Guide

  • Kit Contents List



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The Tac-FAK is currently available in Green, Black, Khaki, Red, and ACU Camo.



How to get yours

Holton Direct Care patients are encouraged to pick up their Tac-FAK in person. Dr. Lassey and his partners often recommend and will prescribe prescription meds to customize their patient's kits, so each patient can be personally prepared in wilderness first aid situations. Feel free to call ahead to order, so meds specific to your needs can be dispensed to your kit.

Not a Holton Direct Care patient?  No problem!  You can still pick up your Tac-FAK at either the Holton or Fairview office! Out of town? No problem, we'll ship yours anywhere. Just click below to e-mail Erin at or call us at 785.362.8677 and we'll process and ship it out right away! (A shipping rate will apply.)

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