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Medical piercing

at Holton Direct Care


Earlobe Piercing

One or both ear lobes are pierced in this aseptic, nearly painless procedure.


Ear Cartilage Piercing

The upper ear cartilage is pierced in this aseptic, nearly painless procedure.


Nose Piercing

A variety of areas on the nose can be medically pierced with our aseptic, nearly painless procedure.

Additional piercing options to come!

Holton Direct Care is proud to offer medical piercing.  We use the Blomdahl Medical Ear Piercing System, which is only available to medical doctors.  The earrings we use are either 100% medical plastic or medical grade titanium, which eliminates the risk of nickel allergy, a common piercing problem. All components that touch your skin are sterile and single use for maximum protection from transmissible infections. Our components are certified by the FDA exactly the way all medical surgical devices are (think artificial joints, heart valves, etc.) This allows us to guarantee sterility and the lowest possible risk of allergy. Medical grade piercing equipment is not available at salons, spas, parlors, etc.  For more information on this system, please click here.
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