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So there's this virus that's been going around for a year or two. You may have heard of it.  I mean, maybe. They call it COVID-19.  CLICK HERE to download our COVID-19 Information handout.  It's 9 pages, has a LOT of information, half of it in a convenient FAQ format!  Please, we are begging you: read this handout before you join the other 5,000 patients trying to call us with questions!


UGH. The dreaded URI (Upper Respiratory Infection).  AKA "The common cold".  Makes you feel miserable every time.  Our focus here, is reducing your symptoms until your immune system can get these viruses under control.  CLICK HERE to download Dr. Lassey's URI Handout, full of useful information to help get you through your next cold.

Diet Guidelines

Want to lose weight?   It's not easy.  If somebody tells you it is, they're trying to sell you something.  You HAVE to change your lifestyle, especially your diet.  If you need to lose weight, manage diabetes, keep sugars down, or work on your blood pressure and cholesterol, CLICK HERE to download Dr. Lassey's weight control diet guidelines handout. 

High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure (a.k.a. "Hypertension") is very common.  Hypertension is the most common reason for adult office visits in the United States and the most common reason for use of prescription drugs worldwide!  Controlling your blood pressure helps prevent heart disease, kidney failure, heart failure, and stroke, and is particularly important for patients with diabetes. CLICK HERE to download Dr. Lassey's High Blood Pressure handout. 

You can tell this is not a picture of Dr. Lassey by the presence of a gross germ-infested tie and white coat...


STOMACH FLU! Every year this makes a bunch of people quite miserable.  No, it's not really the "flu" and it's not caused by influenza. It's a stomach virus, known to doctors as Acute Viral Gastroenteritis. It usually causes diarrhea and/or nausea and vomiting. It also causes abdominal cramping and can cause a low grade fever.  What do you do about the stomach flu?  PUSH FLUIDS, and wait it out. Give us a call if you need some nausea medicine, or if you get dehydrated (light-headed, weak, low blood pressure and minimal, dark, urine production.)


You have prediabetes – what does that even mean? Even though you probably feel OK, prediabetes is a BIG deal. This is your chance to turn your health around – or not. CLICK HERE to download our prediabetes handout and learn how to avoid this common and frequently devastating illness.


Click here to watch the Studio C Scott Sterling video.

It never gets old.

Your child was just diagnosed with a concussion, and now everyone’s wondering the same question – how long until they can get back in the game? As long as your child is having symptoms, it’s too soon. Physical and mental rest are crucial in preventing a potentially fatal reinjury. CLICK HERE to download our concussion guide and learn what to expect over the next few days to weeks.


Immunizations: The only thing that has saved more lives than immunization is public sanitation (sewers and clean water).  But many patients have questions about vaccine safety, and there is a lot of misinformation out there.  CLICK HERE to download Dr. Lassey's Immunization information handout.

DOT Physicals

Need a DOT physical? We’re happy to help you! DOT physicals are included for members and only $125 for non-members. CLICK HERE to download our DOT physical FAQ.

Anxiety and Depression

Feeling stressed out? Do you have the blues? CLICK HERE to read more about anxiety and depression and what you can do to help treat anxiety and depression.


 INFLUENZA: It's in the news! Here's what you need to know.  Click HERE to download Dr. Lassey's Influenza Handout.

Click here to watch Florida ER Nurse Kat Lockler's epic & educational influenza rant.  She's right on!


Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or "IBS," is a very common condition that causes abdominal pain and both diarrhea and constipation. CLICK HERE to download Dr. Lassey's IBS handout.

Skin Cancer/Spots

Skin Cancer and Scary Spots: We spend a lot of time in the sun. Unfortunately the sun damages our skin, and we spend a lot of time living with the consequences of the sun's damage.  Click HERE to download Dr. Lassey's Skin Cancer and Scary Spots handout and learn about skin cancer, skin cancer look-alikes, and how to protect yourself.

Sports Physicals

Just like almost everything at Holton Direct Care, sports physicals are included with your membership. If your child needs a sports physical for school, please click here to download the KSHSAA Sports Physical form, and fill it out completely before coming to your appointment. Note that there is a place there where you need to explain all the yes answers in the medical history.

Atrial Fibrillation

Atrial fibrillation ("Afib") is a common heart rhythm problem that is estimated to be present in 3 to 6 million Americans, and may cause over 800,000 strokes in annually in the US.  Afib, and the treatments for it can be confusing.  Dr. Lassey and Daniel have written a comprehensive 4-page Afib education extravaganza that covers it all.  Download it HERE.

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