Frequently asked questions

How long will it take to complete the course?

The entire course is of 4 months

What is the course curriculum?

It's a 4-months course, covering all the basics and high level coding syllabus required in technical fields

Who would be mentoring us?

There are experienced mentors and instructors from top industries to guide and help you throughout.

Is there any provisional facility for interview preparation?

Yes, we have a special team of people who are skilled enough to train the candidates to get better job opportunities at the time of placement.

Can any woman apply for the course in Newton School?

Yes, any woman who wants to choose the technical field as her career, can sign in for the course.

I am a graduate from a non-technical field. Am I eligible to apply for the course?

Yes, any woman who's starting for the first time and wants to shift from non-technical to technical, is eligible for our programmes.

Can someone who has 2 years gap after his graduation and doesn't have a job for this year, apply for the Newton school?

Yes, they can apply.

I am busy during the time of class hours. Can I join class according to my free time?

As the classes are live, there's no facility of attending the classes according to your own time. However, you can watch the recorded videos of live lectures later when you're free.

Whom and how to contact if I face any issue in between the course duration?

To get response to all your queries related to course and to get your problems resolved, you can write to us at

How much should I pay and for how long?

You just have to pay a total sum of 1.5 Lakhs over a period of 24 months after getting placed with the mentioned minimum pay.

If any student doesn't have a PC due to some financial issues, do you provide them with the same?

No, we don't offer any such facility as of now.

I don't know basic programming languages, still I'm interested in learning coding. Can I apply for Newton School?

Yes, you can apply but you should know at least basic things related to computers.

What if I get placed without the help of Newton School even after I join the course? Do I still need to pay the fees?

You don't have to pay any amount to us only if you get placed within 1 month after joining the course. But, if it's more than a month and then you get placed without our help, you'll have to pay back to us. We facilitate you to polish your technical skills in such a way that the 4-months course will help you crack even the hardest interviews for software development jobs.

What if I don't get a job of minimum 3LPA even after completing the course?

It happens in the rare cases. We have placement sessions for students only after we prepare them for interviews. In case you don't get placed, we won't ask you for any fees. Your repayment will start only when you get placed within a year after completing the course.

What skills do women need to have before applying for the course?

There are no prerequisites for signing up. You just need to have a knowledge of basic computer programs and proper communication skills

Is it mandatory to have an Engineering background to join the Newton School?

No, it is not required to be an engineering student to register your names. However, you should be well acquainted with basic computer knowledge to crack our entrance exams.