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Everybody wins.

The holton direct care advantage

Why make the switch?

Switching from the traditional model of medicine to something new and different can be intimidating. But Direct Primary Care is far from a new style of patient care. DPC is a movement of independent physicians who yearn to return to a nearly lost ideal in medical care; we dare to put patients, not profit, first. Remember when doctors used to make house calls and knew all their patients by name? We have realized that ideal patient-centered standard of care. As a member, you'll have access to your doctor virtually 24 hours a day, and that's just the beginning.

Member Benefits

  • Access to your medical provider, virtually 24/7 via phone, text, & e-mail
  • Extended visits. 30 and 60 minute appointments are the norm.
  • Same-day or next-day appointments
  • No surprise fees
  • Personalized medical care
  • No office visit charges or co-pays
  • On-site wholesale pharmacy
  • Low-cost wholesale lab tests (up to 95% off lab prices elsewhere)
  • In-office tests and procedures are included at no extra charge, including: EKG, ultrasound-guided joint injections, skin excisions, even cosmetic procedures
  • Access to RubiconMD specialty eConsults
  • Deeply discounted PRP injections

Some non-member procedures also available.



Holton Direct Care is an innovative medical clinic in Holton, Kansas. Using the Direct Primary Care model, Holton Direct Care offers our member patients affordable, comprehensive, common-sense medical care with a focus on service and value.

For our patients, this means fewer of the things you don't like about going to the doctor, and more of things you do. We operate on a fee-based membership structure with transparent pricing and no surprises. Forgoing the traditional medical model in favor of the direct primary care model allows our staff the ability to spend more time with our patients, and members of Holton Direct Care are never charged an office visit charge or co-pay. 

Holton Direct Care is all about getting back to basics. It's no secret the current American medical system is broken. Insurance companies and governmental payers have driven the cost of health care up and the quality down. With a membership to Holton Direct Care, rest assured the priority is your health and not the bottom line.


At Holton Direct Care there is no red tape, no hoops to jump through, and no rushed visits or long waits. Instead, you'll get a health care team  who knows you and cares about you, quality time spent with your doctor, and affordable pricing with no guesswork.


Contact us with questions or to enroll as a member with Holton Direct Care.



"There are no words. Excellent. They have saved me a lot of money."


—  Paul, Holton



Holton Direct Care's simple pricing structure will give you peace of mind when it comes to health care expenses. Our tiered pricing model is based on the age of the patient. 

We are passionate about pricing transparency.

A one-time $50 enrollment fee per family will apply.



Ages 0-18


(with enrolled adult, $30
with no adult)


Ages 19-30



Ages 31-44



Ages 45-64
Ages 65+






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JOIN the health care revolution

Ready to get started on your journey to better health care?

The newest member of our team Beth Kroll, APRN-BC is now accepting patients!  Click the link below to get started with your enrollment! (Daniel Jones, APRN, FNP-C is getting caught up on a recent huge influx of new enrollments, and has paused enrollment. To get on his waiting list for enrollment in late winter/early spring, please call the offfice.)


Sign up takes an average of 20 minutes, and there is a $50 enrollment fee. Online enrollment requires a credit or debit card, which will NOT be charged until we have approved your enrollment in-person or over the phone.

Before you sign up: Quality physician-patient relationships are important. Open, transparent communication is their cornerstone. Our practice may not be for everyone. For instance, we do not prescribe narcotics/opioids for control of chronic pain. If you have any medical issue that gives you cause to be concerned that you might not be a good match with our staff, it is a good idea to contact us by e-mail or phone before taking the time to sign up. 

When patients sign up, we schedule a lengthy initial appointment to get to know them.  Due to the covid-19 pandemic and the fact that we offer same or next day availability to our established members, and an overwhelming number of new patients currently signing up, new patients should not expect to be scheduled for their first appointment for 2-4 weeks. Therefore, we can not currently offer enrollment to new patients who are acutely ill.

For instance if you are not a member and have Covid or any other acute illness and need care urgently, you should not sign up at this time, as we will likely not be able to get you in to establish care for 2-4 weeks, because we are actively caring for current members to whom we do offer same or next-day availability.



Holton Direct Care
23020 M Rd
Holton, Kansas 66436


Monday – Friday: 9 AM - 5 PM


with minimal exception by

phone, text, and email.