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To keep our costs down (and thus your costs down) we do not routinely send bills or invoices.  (We can provide invoices upon request, by e-mail, of course, and we do provide invoices to businesses for services rendered, such as DOT physicals, etc.)  For most of the services we provide, we simply automate the process and bill your credit/debit card or auto-deduct from your checking account (your preference) monthly.  This sounds pretty straightforward (and it is) but the timing of the invoices and which charges go on which invoices can be confusing, since we give our patients the option to choose what day of the month they'd prefer to be charged.


There are 3 things we could potentially bill you for:

     1. Medical Services (this is your monthly membership)

     2. Medications (drugs from our pharmacy sold at wholesale price+10% to cover packaging and labeling)

     3. Lab work (This is also a wholesale pass-through-fee. You pay the exact lab fee that we pay plus a $2 drawing fee.  There is only one drawing fee if we draw blood, regardless of how many tests we order on it.)


If any of these 3 things are provided to you, we simply add their price to your invoice for the next month.


If you don't want any meds, labs, or medical supply costs added to your next month's invoice, you may pay for those items when you pick them up, or pay for the lab when the blood is drawn, etc.  We are happy to carry the cost for such items over to your next invoice to save you the hassle of paying for them at the time of pick up, but it's completely up to you when you pay for them if you wish to do so prior to the next invoice date.  Invoices are always processed on the 1st day of the month, regardless of the date you have chosen to be billed.  So if you haven't paid for any labs, meds, etc. before the first day of the month following the month you received these items, your credit card/debit card or checking account will be charged for them in addition to your monthly membership fee.  

We know that sounds really confusing.  Here's an example:  Let's say you are a 40 year-old member with a $50 per month membership fee, and you have chosen to be billed on the 15th of the month every month.  You come in and are prescribed and dispensed a $0.50 bottle of medicine in September, and then you get a second $0.50 bottle of medicine on October 10th.  The first bottle's cost will be added to your regular $50 membership fee for medical services, on October 1st and thus your account is charged $50.50 on October 15.  Since the invoice is processed on October 1st, (before you got the 2nd bottle of medicine)  the 2nd bottle of medicine will be added to the November invoice and billed on November 15th in addition to your $50 November membership fee.


If you have any questions about these procedures, please don't hesitate to call us at 785-DOCTORS.

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